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The Global Cost of Terrorism

The threat of terrorism is something which has escalated in recent years and now sits squarely in the consciousness of both companies and individuals alike. This change has not been restricted to a single country; it is a problem that is spread globally, causing concern in every country around the world.

A single act of terrorism takes a toll, but economies have a remarkable resilience to bounce back. However, when the threat extends over a prolonged period, and there are repeated attacks, the cost begins to make itself known.

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Mitigating Protests, Smart Mobs and Crime with Manual Revolving Doors

It is no secret that we’re living in a time of great unrest. The news is laden with headlines publicizing "lives matter" and "occupy Wall Street" movements, political protests, active shooter incidents…the list goes on. As a result, businesses are seeing an urgent need to protect their customers and staff from the impacts of these disruptive, destructive, and even deadly acts.

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Reducing Workplace Violence - How is Building Security Changing?

As the manufacturer that offers the fullest range of physical security entrance products, Boon Edam has the ability to observe and interpret trends in buying behavior across a wide spectrum of vertical markets. In “More Security, From Bottom to Top”, we will share with you industry best practices we’ve observed in recent years in the hope that this may spur discussion, aid you in formulating future building security and implementation plans, and help with reducing workplace violence and active shooter incidents.

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Effectively Preventing Workplace Violence and its Costly Impacts

For many years, we've been hearing about workplace violence, but where do things stand in 2017? What are the impacts of workplace violence on the organization and what are some ways to proactively prevent such violence from happening before it’s too late? Let’s take a look at the potential impacts of workplace violence and how it can be mitigated.

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5 Optical Turnstile Enhancements for Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence prevention is essential in today's world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), of the 4,836 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States in 2015, 417 were workplace homicides. Workplace violence negatively impacts productivity and morale, which has an overall impact on operations.

Optical turnstiles are an effective lobby security solution that will deter and detect a specific type of workplace violence: outside culprits looking to infiltrate the building. Let's look at 5 enhancements to optical turnstiles worth considering.

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