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How to Capitalize on Eroding Margins to Boost Your Profits

Your sales margin is an important indicator of the success of your business. The higher your sales margin, the more profit potential you'll have. Striving for strong sales margins, while keeping a close watch on your competition, is critical for critical for long-term business success.

Yet, that’s not an easy task in the security industry, given today’s competitive environment where manufacturers are too often locked in a race to the bottom with respect to pricing.

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Not all Sales are Created Equal: How Impact Selling Can Increase Your Security Profits

Can you sell a security solution? Of course, you can. You’ve been successfully doing it for many years and your company has been profitable, as well. You have benefited from the incredible growth that the physical security industry has experienced in the past few years that has supported thousands of integrators with new business and a recurring revenue model. Security end users are requesting innovative technologies in door hardware, access control systems, video surveillance and more to secure their facilities.

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It’s Time to Integrate Security Entrances into Your Profit Model

As an integrator, you’re used to having a predictable revenue model selling security products to end users. Your portfolio likely contains products like door hardware, access control systems, card access readers and software, video surveillance cameras, VMS and many other examples that help customers deploy a complete security solution.

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