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How Do Security Entrances Measure Up Against Compliance Regulations?

Security professionals build their security plans around compliance to a number of industry-specific regulations. Whether an organization is required to adhere to the standards of PCI, NERC, HIPAA, or FSMA, the concerns are the same. How does a company balance the added costs necessary to comply with the regulations, with the high fines and lost time that comes with not complying? Security compliance isn’t a cut and dry topic. Regulations, as written, are to interpretation; when it comes to security entrances, it’s all in the “eye of the beholder.” A security manager may think he has the necessary precautions in place, but after a breach has occurred, would a court of law agree that the company did everything possible to prevent it? In several cases, the answer has been “no” and hefty fines were imposed.

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Regulatory Compliance: How a Lack of Clarity Around the Entry Leads to Fines

Many organizations spend a great deal of time and financial resources in making the entrances to their buildings artistic and beautiful, with designs and materials that inspire awe. They may work with an architect, engineer, or building contractor and ensure compliance to NFPA safety and fire guidelines regarding egress, along with the desire for user convenience and an overall aesthetic design. Often, they select standard swinging doors to make it more convenient for employees, visitors and vendors to enter. For security, they employ security officers to stand guard.

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