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Clearing Things Up: How Does Glass Make a Difference in Security Doors?

Security revolving doors and mantrap portals have never been more popular due to their ability to prevent unauthorized entry without the need for guard services. These doors can be customized in a variety of ways for both aesthetic and security purposes, and glass is no exception, as the material is used to create the door wings or panels and the protective sidewalls.

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The Global Cost of Terrorism

The threat of terrorism is something which has escalated in recent years and now sits squarely in the consciousness of both companies and individuals alike. This change has not been restricted to a single country; it is a problem that is spread globally, causing concern in every country around the world.

A single act of terrorism takes a toll, but economies have a remarkable resilience to bounce back. However, when the threat extends over a prolonged period, and there are repeated attacks, the cost begins to make itself known.

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Mitigating Protests, Smart Mobs and Crime with Manual Revolving Doors

It is no secret that we’re living in a time of great unrest. The news is laden with headlines publicizing "lives matter" and "occupy Wall Street" movements, political protests, active shooter incidents…the list goes on. As a result, businesses are seeing an urgent need to protect their customers and staff from the impacts of these disruptive, destructive, and even deadly acts.

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Best Active Shooter Policy: Security Revolving Doors or Turnstiles?

Active shooters are meticulous planners with an “MO” of going inside buildings to seek out targets. An effective strategy for commercial office buildings to mitigate the risk of penetration and mayhem is the effective deployment of security entrances. However, not all security entrances work the same way. Their different capabilities have an impact on an organization’s overall anti-tailgating strategy in terms of capital outlay, manpower needed, annual operating costs, ROI, user education and preparation, and, ultimately, how effective they are in preventing the tragedy an active shooter might wreak.

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Active Shooter Safety: 4 Things Your High Security Entrances Must Have

According to a study completed by the FBI, from 2000 to 2018, there were 2,430 casualties as a result of mass shootings in the United States. Let’s examine 4 enhancements you can make to security revolving doors or mantrap portals to thwart an active shooter’s attempt at gaining access to your building, or worse, doing physical harm to people.

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Physical Security Planning: What's Your Active Shooter Response?

At any given security tradeshow, around 80% of the exhibits focus on video surveillance and access control products. Every year, technology improvements make surveillance more accurate at identification and access control more integrated with other building technologies. Yet despite continued technology improvements, we see time and again security breaches in which these systems are not enough.

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