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Our Heritage: 3 Golden Lessons

Have you ever wondered where Boon Edam came from? You hear us often talk proudly about our 144 years-and-counting history.

Is the past really relevant?

We work differently at Boon Edam and a lot of that has to do with our early roots. In 1873 a Dutch craftsman, Gerrit Boon, opened up a carpentry shop in Amsterdam North and that is where it all began. For us, the key to success is to learn not only from practices previously done well, but also to be humble and flexible enough to admit the mistakes and grow. Forward. Let’s highlight 3 of the biggest for us:

Lesson 1 – Listen to our customers as individuals

Coming from a time where specialty stores were all the rage – in fact, the norm… we learned early on the importance of listening to our customer’s individual needs. No two projects are the same and by listening and being entry specialists, we are able to provide unique entry solutions in both security as well as architectural installations.

Lesson 2 – Being a specialist is valuable

In a time of mass production and automation, it is easy to forget your core values and get swept away with the new world. While, we are definitely in tune with technologies and trends – we come from a time where things were a lot simpler.

This was a time where people shopped at specialty stores because they trusted the expertise of each one. They bought from a butcher, a baker and a pharmacist individually. We are proud to have hung onto that philosophy and our people today are experts in their disciplines. Our customers come to us to partner because we are the entry experts – not only in name but in practice.

Lesson 3 – Prestige should never be taken for granted

In 2003, the queen of the Netherlands awarded Boon Edam a ‘Royal’ title as a company. This was a great honor for us. We are deeply rooted in the belief that being acknowledged in this way comes from hard work, dedication and commitment to our people and products.

In the same way, our loyal customers position us as what they see - a premium brand. We work every day to maintain this status in a competitive industry. Being premium, to us, is about consistently providing excellent service, quality products and advice based on knowledge above the bottom line.

140 Years in 2 Minutes

Take a journey into our world and you will see how our past truly does shape our future. Click here to watch 140 years in 2 minutes.



Amy Coulter

Written by Amy Coulter

Amy Coulter is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Boon Edam. She has been with the company since 2012.

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