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Tracie Thomas joined Boon Edam in 2008 as the Vice President of Marketing. She is passionate about helping customers understand all they can about entrances to create the best solution for their needs.

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When it Comes to Physical Security, Do We Need Guards at all Anymore?

In today’s increasingly intelligent business environment, technology is taking over many of the responsibilities once assigned to human security guards. Automation, analytics and artificial intelligence can be used to discover attempted breaches, correlate data, determine the right steps to mitigate risk, and in some cases work autonomously to put a stop to an event in progress.

With so much technology doing so much of the work towards alleviating and neutralizing threats, the question must be asked: Do we need security guards at all anymore?

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People vs. Machines: Ignoring Your Culture Can Undermine Your Security Entrance ROI

Welcome to the ninth and final blog of our S.T.A.R.T.S.S. series. Our objective with this series has been to give guidance in considering all the most important factors when choosing new security entrances. By taking these factors into consideration, you can be assured that you will make the best choice to suit your organizational, business and security needs – and to deliver maximum ROI.

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Aesthetics: When Looks and Beauty Matter for Security Entrances

Google the term “best looking offices” and you’ll find no shortage of results, with photos of interiors featuring beautiful design, materials, light and color. But do office space aesthetics actually have an effect on companies and their people? And how do aesthetics fit into the equation when it comes to how secure an office space is?

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How Guards and Security Entrances Work Together for Risk Mitigation

Maintaining a secure entrance is an essential part of overall building security, and many enterprises are employing security officers to guard their entrances and exits, and to manage traffic flow. Hiring a security professional who is trained to secure an enterprise while being welcoming and helpful to tenants and guests can deter crime and provide peace of mind. In addition, security officers are your critical first responders, should something go wrong.

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You Deserve to be Delighted: 10 Essential Elements to Look for in a Security Entrance Manufacturer

Today’s security entrances can last 10 years or more, so your organization can go years without installing a single new entrance. This fact alone intensifies your need for a great experience during the buying process and beyond, so that you are assured the right entrance to meet your needs for years to come. How do you better your chances for such a great experience? Here are 10 factors a manufacturer should offer to create a stellar 360-degree customer experience.

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Reducing Workplace Violence - How is Building Security Changing?

As the manufacturer that offers the fullest range of physical security entrance products, Boon Edam has the ability to observe and interpret trends in buying behavior across a wide spectrum of vertical markets. In “More Security, From Bottom to Top”, we will share with you industry best practices we’ve observed in recent years in the hope that this may spur discussion, aid you in formulating future building security and implementation plans, and help with reducing workplace violence and active shooter incidents.

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What's this Turnstile Doing in the Bathroom?

We’re all used to seeing these sturdy, waist-high, tripod turnstiles in stadiums, amusement parks and subway and train stations. Traditionally, they’re a great solution for supervised crowd control as well as ticket collection. Recently, this old workhorse is being used in new ways in certain parts of the world, and showing up in places no one could even imagine.

I mean, why on earth would a turnstile be used in a bathroom and how could it add additional revenue for retail? Let’s take a look at an interesting spin on a very old idea, the turnstile…

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What Else is Your Entrance Letting into Your Building?

Recently, the city of New York passed a law stating all city businesses are now required to keep their doors closed during business hours. Energy freely escaping any building is clearly not good, but how many of us consider what we may be letting into our buildings? Unwanted guests include hot and cold air, dust, fumes, dirt, water, and anything else that can get through. The type of door you have can make all the difference.

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