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Amine Bouchareb

Amine Bouchareb has been with Royal Boon Edam International in the Netherlands for a total of 6 years and currently is the International Product Engineer. After studying a Bachelor of Engineering, Design and innovation (ED&I) at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amine moved to Boon Edam where he is currently responsible for all the engineering / design on the Boon Edam’s core products. Amine is proudly the technical owner of the BIM project and has successfully managed to implement the majority of the BE product range into parametrical BIM models. He donates much of his free time to his charity – Stichting Bachi Amaa – where they support and educate handicapped and leprosy-inflicted children in Nepal.

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5 BIM (Building Information Modeling) Trends to Watch in 2018

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, has been growing in popularity within the building construction and architectural sectors. It is regarded as the superior alternative to 3D CAD modeling. Working in the BIM environment provide building project teams to collaborate in one, single place – all working with the same facts, data and visuals from the entire lifecycle of a building. This then will serve as the blueprint for everyone involved, in whatever capacity, to bring the project to life from conception to maintenance.

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