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Physical Security in Layers: Turnstile Locations on a Corporate Campus

A layered physical security approach is the best way to mitigate unauthorized entry and the associated liabilities. As you move from the perimeter fenceline all the way to the most sensitive areas at the core of a corporate campus, the security entrances utilized get more sophisticated and are more effective at barring intruders from gaining access. So, with so many security doors and turnstiles on the market, how do you select the right ones for each “layer” of a building or campus?

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Clearing Things Up: How Does Glass Make a Difference in Security Doors?

Security revolving doors and mantrap portals have never been more popular due to their ability to prevent unauthorized entry without the need for guard services. These doors can be customized in a variety of ways for both aesthetic and security purposes, and glass is no exception, as the material is used to create the door wings or panels and the protective sidewalls.

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The Right Way to Deploy Biometrics with Security Entrances in Our New Reality

The pairing of biometric technology with security entrances has been gaining momentum for more than a decade, and understandably so. The marriage has made it possible to swiftly verify identity, while at the same time, address the risk of unauthorized entry from tailgating. But the deployment of biometrics and security entrances is advancing to a different phase as organizations look for improved access control solutions to negate lingering health concerns post-COVID-19.

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Can You Imagine a World Without Automatic Doors?

As a partner with AAADM (The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers), we are celebrating “National Automatic Door Day” on March 19, 2021.

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Security Trend: Identity as the New Perimeter

Basic security paradigms have changed. Whereas physical barriers and guards were once the primary mode of security at the perimeter of facilities, now these have been supplemented and improved by advanced access control solutions that rely heavily on technology to verify the identity of the individual attempting to enter. There are a number of reasons for this.

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[Podcast] Lean Manufacturing: Balancing Safety, Quality and Productivity

What is lean manufacturing? Managing Director of Boon Edam’s manufacturing facility, Patrick Nora, describes it not as a destination, but a never-ending journey towards excellence. And Patrick’s sentiments are echoed by many others, including Gray, a service provider specializing in smart manufacturing. Gray published an article that explains,

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