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6 Service Features to Consider Before You Purchase Security Entrances

Not long ago, a Philadelphia office tower installed two optical turnstiles in their main lobby that matched the building’s aesthetics beautifully. After a few years, however, one of the turnstiles stopped working and a part had to be ordered from Europe—with downtime estimated at four weeks. With only two optical turnstiles in their lobby, having one out of service was unacceptable. The owner immediately began looking into replacing the turnstiles.

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6 Compelling Factors to Consider When Deciding Who to Work With on Your Entry Solution

The world is full of choices, and a lot of the time it feels like, as a decision maker, you are left confused and trying to pick out the best in what feels like a sea of ‘the same’. When talking about a large and long-term investment such as an entry product, careful consideration should be taken to make sure you are selecting a professional partner for the right reasons. Not only the right reasons but also one who will remain in the picture for the life of the purchase.

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You Deserve to be Delighted: 10 Essential Elements to Look for in a Security Entrance Manufacturer

Today’s security entrances can last 10 years or more, so your organization can go years without installing a single new entrance. This fact alone intensifies your need for a great experience during the buying process and beyond, so that you are assured the right entrance to meet your needs for years to come. How do you better your chances for such a great experience? Here are 10 factors a manufacturer should offer to create a stellar 360-degree customer experience.

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