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Security Entrances and Biometric Access Control Devices

Organizations around the globe are making their buildings more secure by combining physical security entrances with biometric access control devices, ensuring only the right people are able to enter.

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[Interview] Top 3 Mistakes Integrating Access Control Systems & Security Entrances

Access control and security entrance integration is a specialized discipline. Sure, security entrances require only a dry contact and can integrate with virtually any access control system, but there are some things you should consider when you’re looking into the right access control system for your organization’s security goals.

A great person to talk to about security entrances and integration is our own Kurt Measom, Vice President of Technology & Product Support. With 21 years of experience in the security industry - four of those years serving as an advisor for security solutions to dozens of Fortune 1000 companies – and a Lenel certification, Kurt has extensive knowledge of all things access control and has “seen it all.”

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Door Access Control & Security Entrance Integration Techniques

You are likely convinced that a physical security entrance is absolutely necessary in order to get the most out of your access control system and truly keep unwanted people out of your facility. Integration between door access control systems and security entrances can be a fine art; the perfect balance of functionality, space and aesthetics.

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