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7 Elements of Revolving Door Design

A building's entrance is its calling card, its first contact with visitors. As such its design is a key element to its success. In order to specify the right revolving door for a given project, seven key factors must be considered.

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[Interview] Top 3 Mistakes Integrating Access Control Systems & Security Entrances

Access control and security entrance integration is a specialized discipline. Sure, security entrances require only a dry contact and can integrate with virtually any access control system, but there are some things you should consider when you’re looking into the right access control system for your organization’s security goals.

A great person to talk to about security entrances and integration is our own Kurt Measom, Vice President of Technology & Product Support. With 21 years of experience in the security industry - four of those years serving as an advisor for security solutions to dozens of Fortune 1000 companies – and a Lenel certification, Kurt has extensive knowledge of all things access control and has “seen it all.”

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Bottom Line: How Many Guards Do You Need With Security Entrances?

Security entrances are an essential component of a physical security plan, but they should not be the only component. An effective physical security plan consists of a balance between technology, education and manpower. So how much manpower, or how many guards, do you need with security entrances? It depends on your security entrance and your goal towards tailgating and piggybacking.

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Door Access Control & Security Entrance Integration Techniques

You are likely convinced that a physical security entrance is absolutely necessary in order to get the most out of your access control system and truly keep unwanted people out of your facility. Integration between door access control systems and security entrances can be a fine art; the perfect balance of functionality, space and aesthetics.

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Reducing Workplace Violence - How is Building Security Changing?

As the manufacturer that offers the fullest range of physical security entrance products, Boon Edam has the ability to observe and interpret trends in buying behavior across a wide spectrum of vertical markets. In “More Security, From Bottom to Top”, we will share with you industry best practices we’ve observed in recent years in the hope that this may spur discussion, aid you in formulating future building security and implementation plans, and help with reducing workplace violence and active shooter incidents.

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6 Main Benefits of Security Turnstiles at Recreational Centers

When a campus recreation center experiences large numbers of people entering at once, reception staff can become overwhelmed as they work to manage the entrance and handle other administrative tasks. This creates the risk of unauthorized entry into the facility by non-members and “friends of friends.” Today, rec centers around the country are deploying security turnstiles, integrated with membership management systems, to provide reliable entrance security as well as data collection. Let’s explore some of the benefits of this new model...

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It’s Time to Integrate Security Entrances into Your Profit Model

As an integrator, you’re used to having a predictable revenue model selling security products to end users. Your portfolio likely contains products like door hardware, access control systems, card access readers and software, video surveillance cameras, VMS and many other examples that help customers deploy a complete security solution.

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Effectively Preventing Workplace Violence and its Costly Impacts

For many years, we've been hearing about workplace violence, but where do things stand in 2017? What are the impacts of workplace violence on the organization and what are some ways to proactively prevent such violence from happening before it’s too late? Let’s take a look at the potential impacts of workplace violence and how it can be mitigated.

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5 Optical Turnstile Enhancements for Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence prevention is essential in today's world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), of the 4,836 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States in 2015, 417 were workplace homicides. Workplace violence negatively impacts productivity and morale, which has an overall impact on operations.

Optical turnstiles are an effective lobby security solution that will deter and detect a specific type of workplace violence: outside culprits looking to infiltrate the building. Let's look at 5 enhancements to optical turnstiles worth considering.

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Security Entrances Protect Your Bottom Line and More

Executives must handle large security decisions that affect the entire organization – and these choices are rarely easy.

One reason is that there are often competing goals – balancing security vs. convenience, or allocating budget to one priority area vs. another. To make it worse, these decisions – for example, on how to deal with potential security risks – can rely on data that the organization is not tracking.

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