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5 Optical Turnstile Enhancements for Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence prevention is essential in today's world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), of the 4,836 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States in 2015, 417 were workplace homicides. Workplace violence negatively impacts productivity and morale, which has an overall impact on operations.

Optical turnstiles are an effective lobby security solution that will deter and detect a specific type of workplace violence: outside culprits looking to infiltrate the building. Let's look at 5 enhancements to optical turnstiles worth considering.

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Security Entrances Protect Your Bottom Line and More

Executives must handle large security decisions that affect the entire organization – and these choices are rarely easy.

One reason is that there are often competing goals – balancing security vs. convenience, or allocating budget to one priority area vs. another. To make it worse, these decisions – for example, on how to deal with potential security risks – can rely on data that the organization is not tracking.

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Best Active Shooter Policy: Security Revolving Doors or Turnstiles?

Active shooters are meticulous planners with an “MO” of going inside buildings to seek out targets. An effective strategy for commercial office buildings to mitigate the risk of penetration and mayhem is the effective deployment of security entrances. However, not all security entrances work the same way. Their different capabilities have an impact on an organization’s overall anti-tailgating strategy in terms of capital outlay, manpower needed, annual operating costs, ROI, user education and preparation, and, ultimately, how effective they are in preventing the tragedy an active shooter might wreak.

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What's this Turnstile Doing in the Bathroom?

We’re all used to seeing these sturdy, waist-high, tripod turnstiles in stadiums, amusement parks and subway and train stations. Traditionally, they’re a great solution for supervised crowd control as well as ticket collection. Recently, this old workhorse is being used in new ways in certain parts of the world, and showing up in places no one could even imagine.

I mean, why on earth would a turnstile be used in a bathroom and how could it add additional revenue for retail? Let’s take a look at an interesting spin on a very old idea, the turnstile…

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What Else is Your Entrance Letting into your Building?

Recently, the city of New York passed a law stating all city businesses are now required to keep their doors closed during business hours. Energy freely escaping any building is clearly not good, but how many of us consider what we may be letting into our buildings? Unwanted guests include hot and cold air, dust, fumes, dirt, water, and anything else that can get through. The type of door you have can make all the difference.

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Active Shooter Safety: 4 Things Your High Security Entrances Must Have

According to a study completed by the FBI, in 2014 and 2015 alone, there were 231 casualties as a result of mass shootings. Let’s examine 4 enhancements you can make to security revolving doors or mantrap portals to thwart an active shooter’s attempt at gaining access to your building, or worse, doing physical harm to people.

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Physical Security Planning: What's Your Active Shooter Response?

At any given security tradeshow, around 80% of the exhibits focus on video surveillance and access control products. Every year, technology improvements make surveillance more accurate at identification and access control more integrated with other building technologies. Yet despite continued technology improvements, we see time and again security breaches in which these systems are not enough.

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Entrance Installers, Don't Fake It! 9 Reasons You Need Technical Training

If you don’t have a lot of experience installing doors or turnstiles, you don’t want to fake your way through it. We’ve seen how lack of technical training can ruin relationships with your customer and the manufacturer. So, why is technical training so important for your business? Here are our 9 top reasons:  

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Why Security Entrances Should Be Your First Line of Defense

Security entrances prevent workplace violence and crime. There may be differences of opinion about the details, but when it comes to a basic strategy for security and protection, there is almost universal agreement that a layered approach is best.

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